Avoid Greenberg Traurig Law Firm. Avoid Unethical Jeffery Chiow.

Jeffery Chiow. Unethical Attorney

Jeffery Chiow. Unethical Attorney

If you’re thinking about hiring a high-end law firm, no doubt you’ve considered hiring Greenberg Traurig. The firm is big, prestigious, and handles high-visibility cases. But the old things about birds of a feather applies, and one of the firm’s partners is Jeffery Chiow. Chiow is unethical, unprofessional, and a liar. I believe his presence reflects poorly on the law firm, its partners, and its professional judgment in hiring a world-class dirtbag like Chiow.

Prior to joining Greenberg Traurig, Chiow was a partner with the boutique law firm of Rogers, Joseph, O’Donnell, or RJO. There, Chiow handled government procurement issues — contracts, bid protests, military purchasing — the usual smattering of inside-the-beltway stuff.

In the government contracting arena, Chiow had a good reputation.

But his true colors came to light when, in a pro bono case in which he told the courts he devoted more that $100,000 of RJO billable time, he tried to misuse the protective order system to prevent me from publishing information adverse to Grace Episcopal Church, in Alexandria.

Chiow had served on the vestry there, and it appears his primary goal is to “provide something for his kids,” as parents sometimes do.

The rector, Bob Malm, and I had a falling out over allegations of bullying, possible wage theft by Malm, allegations of gender-based harassment, missing money, facially obviously inaccurate financial statements, lies about HR issues by Malm, and more.

One thing led to another, and Malm requested a protective order. Litigation ensued, and Chiow:

  • Ignored a court order to compel.
  • Concealed at least 15 documents adverse to his client during discovery.
  • Engaged in inflammatory and unprofessional rhetoric, including claiming I am a “domestic terrorist” and was harassing church members via blog posts. (First Amendment, anyone?)
  • Repeatedly proffered fabrications of law and fact to the courts, including:
    • Dreaming up an imaginary church shooting in the equally imaginary town of “Sugarland” (all one word) Texas.
    • Claiming I never practiced law.
    • Claiming I never served as a police officer.
  • Never corrected or retracted his fabrications.
  • Filed a false police report with the City of Alexandria, claiming I had distributed threatening flyers near his home.
  • Included my sexual orientation in his pleadings in an effort to embarrass me.
  • Lied to members of his own church, in writing.
  • Attempting to drag my mother, dying of COPD, into court in violation of the law.
Mom dying

Mom dying

Shortly after these matters came to light, Chiow left RJO and went to Greenberg Traurig. I have notified partners there of Chiow’s integrity issues, only to be ignored. That includes Richard Rosenbaum, the managing partner.

None of this should come as a surprise. Despite his current rounded size, Chiow went to the USNA and previously was a Marine. In other words, he’s been trying for a short long time to prove he has a penis.

And so, if you are with a company that is considering hiring Chiow or Greenberg Traurig, consider Sarbanes Oxley and the other issues you may run into if Chiow lies or otherwise engages in unethical conduct while representing you or your company. Particularly for publicly traded firms, this could be a profound reputational issue. It could also cause lasting procurement issues, result in Sarbanes Oxley or other penalties, and worse.

Yes, you want to hire an aggressive, competent lawyer. But Chiow is unethical, doesn’t proof his pleadings (in one instance, he reversed the words “plaintiff” and “client,” comes up with imaginary events, and openly lies in court.

This can only spell bad news for you as a client.

As for associates and partners at Greenberg Traurig, this is like hanging out with Congressman George Santos. At the end of the day, you gain nothing, and it will be difficult not to face reputational damage. And if Chiow is willing to lie to a judge, not retract his fabrications, and ignore orders to compel, he may also lie to you.

Here is a screencap of his false police report:

Jeffery Chiow false police report

Jeffery Chiow false police report

Feel free to sign my change.org position seeking to hold Chiow accountable. It’s here.

Eric Bonetti